Where can long distance USB 3.0 cables A-Male to A-Female active extension cables be used

Where can long distance USB 3.0 cables A-Male to A-Female active extension cables be used

USB extension cables are unknown territory for some people, but in some special cases, it is especially important. For example, video conferencing is migrating to software-based applications, and meeting endpoints (i.e. cameras and microphones/speakers) are connected to computers via USB. This is certainly not a problem when a small group of people is using an application running on a laptop or local desktop. However, when the application is used in a larger room, the computer is hidden far away, and suddenly the distance between the PC and the endpoint is beyond what the USB standard allows. This distance limitation forces users to find ways to extend the USB connection.Fortunately, FIBBR solves this problem through optical fiber technology.

This is the USB 3.0 Cable A-Male to A-Female Active Extension Cable Cord. It solves the length limit of 5 meters for cable transmission, and the transmission distance can reach 100 meters. It is the USB3.0 optical fiber extension product with the longest transmission distance at present. It is a USB3.0 electro-optical conversion module. In both ends of the USB 3.0 street, the conversion of photoelectric and electro-optical is completed. Optical fiber is used in the middle of the connector to transmit high-speed optical signals. Officially, since the photoelectric/electrical-optical conversion has been completed in the connector, when users use the USB3.0 active optical cable, they will feel the same as using ordinary copper cables, which can completely replace the traditional USB copper cables.

The main features of this USB3.0

  • The maximum transmission distance is more than 100 meters
  • The transmission speed is as high as 5Gbps, and the speed is more than 10 times faster than 480Mbps of 2.0, and there is no signal delay.
  • Plug and Play, no external power needed.
  • Optical cable has no radiation, anti-interference, light, soft, thin and long
  • Not affected by electromagnetic fields, so fiber optic cables are more robust against electromagnetic interference and industrial interference.
  • With zinc alloy casing, the product is durable. Better protection of photoelectric conversion chipset
  • After more than 3000 times of strict mechanical testing, the number of plugging and unplugging is smooth.
  • Powered by Micro USB2.0 interface, it is used for auxiliary power supply of devices with power consumption greater than 2w. Such as music HIFI decoder box, integrated video monitor, PSP handle, etc.

The application field of optical fiber USB3.0 extension cable

Machine Vision Field
Industrial printing field
Security monitoring field
Digital Signage and Video Walls
remote storage system
visual imaging system
Medical Imaging Equipment
Airport flight information display system
Video conferencing equipment
Long-distance industrial camera data transmission
Ultra-high-speed data transmission system
USB centralized management system