FIBBR (pronounced “fiber”) is the global high-end audio and video signal-connection brand of EverPro Technologies Co., Ltd. With its outstanding chip and production-line teams, FIBBR developed the Pure3 8K-capable HDMI 2.1 optical-fiber cable, which has been independently certified by an HDMI ForumAuthorized Testing Center (Forum ATC) as the world's first HDMI 2.1 UHS (Ultra High Speed) cable for the home-theater market.


FIBBR offers a wide range of data-transmission products for many different interfaces, such as HDMI, DisplayPort and USB. Product applications include transmission engineering, audio-visual entertainment, e-sports, VR, and other fields; in fact, the company's cables are sold all over the world. Through years of development, FIBBR has garnered an excellent reputation, and it has established official cooperation with well-known brands such as Huawei, BenQ, Pioneer, Sony, and others, providing technological innovation in the audio-visual market.


FIBBR's cables utilize the industry-leading BendRobust® optical fiber, which is assembled and produced in a 10W-class, dust-free environment with micron-class technology. It exhibits high-strength bending resistance, it can transmit data signals efficiently and losslessly, and it can easily accommodate complex construction scenarios.


To effectively transmit data via optical fiber, the ends of the fiber must be smooth and flat; this is critical for high-bandwidth applications such as 4K and 8K video. FIBBR uses a sophisticated laser-cutting machine, one of only a few in the world, to ensure that each fiber has a perfect end face for unimpeded signal flow.


FIBBR always adheres to high standards and strict quality-control requirements, and it has won many industry awards around the world. The company not only provides cables that meet and exceed existing specifications, but it also has creative R&D capabilities that allow it to develop unique solutions for future standards.


Speaking of the future, FIBBR will continue to connect new discoveries with new technologies. At the same time, FIBBR will work with global partners to strengthen demand, promote complementary advantages, and contribute to the development of a sustainable industrial ecosystem.


It took only six years for FIBBR to transcend from a startup to one of the preeminent cable manufacturers in the audio-video world. That’s fast even in the every-changing A/V world. 


We explore, we challenge ourselves and we strive to create products and meet needs others deem unobtainable. That is Innovation, and innovation is a centerpiece of our mission.


We strive to develop cables that are faster, more durable and more dependable with greater longevity. In other words, we want our cables to be the best, and our team of dedicated executives, engineers and designers are committed to that.


There are many great companies in the A/V world, yet we continue to shine with the brilliance of a star, thanks to the quality of our products, the effectiveness of our business model and innovations such as the world’s first certified 8K HDMI 2.1 Active


Our customers depend on our cables to deliver dependable premium performance today, tomorrow and into the future. That’s why we design them not only to deliver robust longevity, but also stable, robust performance.


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In a continuous exploration, FIBBR hopes to seamlessly connect its brands and users, and meet the ever-changing needs of users, and use this as a corner stone to further FIBBR's ongoing efforts.