Q:What is the HDMI version of FIBBR Ultra Pro? What about it's bandwidth and resolution?

A:HDMI 2.0 version, bandwidth 18 Gbps and resolution supports 4:4:4 4K@60Hz.

Q:How long is the longest effective transmission distance of HDMI optical cable?

A:As long as 300 m.

Q:How does optical fiber HDMI works ?

A:FIBBR optical fiber HDMI cables are installed with world class photoelectric conversion engines at two ends. The conversion engine at the playing end converts electric signals to optical signals, those optical signals are then transmitted in light speed through optical fiber cables,after that, the optical signals are converted into electric signals at the display end to be shown in front of users.

Q:Does optical fiber supports cascade?

A:Cascade is not recommended, optical cable supports first level cascade, multi-level cascades can result in image distortion.

Q:Do you use multi-mode optical fiber or single mode optical fiber?

A:Multi-mode optical fiber

Q:Can it transmit audio signals?

A:Yes,it can

Q:Why your HDMI cable has to be installed in order?

A:Optical fiber HDMI cable is an active cable, it integrates intelligent chip and photoelectric conversion engine. Since the direction of light is fixed, users needs to make sure that end 1 is connected to the plaything device and end 2 is connected to the display equipment.

Q:Why does the light flash repeatedly when cable is inserted?

A:The cable is inserted in an opposite way, end 1 should be plugged in the playing device and end 2 plugged in the display equipment.

Q:What is the smallest pipe diameter in cable installation?

A:3 cm

Q:Is there any requirement on the distance between optical fiber cable and the power lines?

A:No, there isn’t.

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